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Tiger Trout are a type of Fish found in Stardew Valley. They are active all day (6 AM - 7 PM) in any weather during Fall and Winter. They can be caught in the river outside Leah's house, or in the river in front of Emily & Haley's house. The Tiger Trout is also required at the Community Center I went to several points I think this area (This Lake) has the most Tiger Trout fish Stardew Valley. Страница в магазине. 29 фев. 2016 в 3:52. Where the Hell is the Tiger Trout!!! Season/ Place and time of day please!! The Wiki is Inaccurate at the moment The item ID for Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley is: 699. The above cheat code applies to all platforms including PC/Mac (Steam), XBOX One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. Tiger Trout Spawn Help. Spawning items in Stardew Valley is not done via commands, but rather through a cheat in which you..

The Tiger Trout is a Fish that can be caught in the river during Winter and Fall between 6:00AM-7:00PM. Consuming the Tiger Trout will heal 11-20 health and 25-45 energy depending on the quality. Stardew Valley Hub is your #1 unofficial resource for all things Stardew The picky tiger trout fish in Stardew Valley may help extend the life of the game in the long run, but to a player that's been trying to complete their compendium, they are rather annoying. The Tiger Trout is another one of those fish that just likes to be a challenge for anyone playing the game

Tiger Trout A rare hybrid trout that cannot bear offspring of its own. Information Found in: River Time: 6:00AM to 7:00PM Season: Fall • Winter Weather: Any Difficulty: 60 Size: 10in to 21in Healing Effect: 210 25 Energy 11 Health 35 Energy 15 Health 45 Energy 20 Health Sell Prices Base Price: Fisher.. Stardew Valley | Anchovy(Part 1. 734 Woodskip . The following fish species can you fish in Stardew. Playlists werden geladen.. Stardew Valley Fall Fishing & Where to Catch. I couldn't find it until fall, even if the wiki states spring. Tiger Trout For Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch, Community Center Bundle Guide by kit2255555. Rain. Rivers. Tiger Trout

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  1. View detailed statistics about the fish Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley. View information such as sell price, where to find the fish, best location to fish and more! A tiger trout is a type of fish that is obtainable through Fishing. It can be found during fall and winter in the River during all kinds of weather
  2. Wizard (loved gift). Tiger Trout. Categories: Stardew Valley. Tags: No tags for this post
  3. Post with 328 votes and 124593 views. Tagged with ; Shared by Varzk. Golden Spots for Fishing in Stardew Valley
  4. Navigate to Stardew Valley installation folder. Open mod file and choose a file version. (If there are any). Extract the contents into Stardew Valley/Content. (Updating) Remove\Replace any previous version of the mod. Run the game
  5. Stardew Valley at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Stardew Valley Wiki Guide. Table of Contents. Tiger Trout
  6. Stardew Valley Walkthrough. 6. Fishing. This section will cover the various rods, baits, lures, skills, fish, and treasure you can catch. Fishing in Stardew Valley can be a bit tough at first, as it consists of keeping a small fish icon within a green bar, which moves sometimes rapidly, sometimes not

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  1. Stardew Valley Part 93 Dish O' The Sea plus Cork Bobber = super long fishing bar! But is it enough to guarantee a catch with the real nasties? Stardew Valley Guide - River Fish Bundle for the Community Center. Locations of the following Fish: Sunfish, Catfish, Shad and Tiger Trout
  2. 難. 夜釣りのバンドル 湖でも釣れる. タイガートラウト(Tiger Trout). 珍魚のバンドル 秘密の森(魔術師の家がある森の左上奥)の池. ニジマス(Rainbow Trout). 06:00-19:00. 夏
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